Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tea Party

I'm underwhelmed by the coverage of the protest movement. But something is happening here. There is a lot of activity. Just look at the number of cities on the list.

Chicago reporting, from Freedom Folks.
L.A. Times - Anti-stimulus tea parties light up Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and social media.
MSNBC reports from San Diego:
Jacksonville, Florida:
Buffalo, New York:
St. Louis Arch Tea Party Draws 1,500 Protesters!
Christian Science Monitor story from Atlanta’s demonstration: Several thousand neopatriots –
Nashville Post report, with video, on the Nashville protest
Reports from the White House protest.
Report from Lansing.
Sacramento Anti-Tax 'Tea Party'
Arizonans hold "Taxpayer Tea Party" at Tempe Town Lake


  1. Neopatriots? What in the world is that supposed to mean?

  2. Wasn't the original Boston Tea Party a relatively small event? As I recall, however, it culminated into something much bigger. Citizens must speak up before B.O. and his socialist rodents completely destroy capitalism and our way of life,for good!

  3. At least 40 cities had Tea Parties, according to what was reported:


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