Monday, November 16, 2009

The Pacific president

From Powerline

President Obama in Tokyo that he is "America's first Pacific president." He thus displayed, simultaneously, his Obama-centric view of the world and his ignorance of American history and geography.
The first Pacific president that is except for Taft who was governor-general of the Philippines; Eisenhower who spent time in the Philippines and the Panama Canal Zone; and Hoover who worked in Australia and China where he learned to speak Mandarin. And then, several presidents served in the Pacific during the Second World War.

Obama, of course was a child in Indonesia for a few years and a teenager in Hawaii. Read the whole thing. I thought this last paragraph was right on.
One seriously hesitates to draw the conclusion that Barack Obama is a fool, no matter how strongly the evidence may point in that direction. But what are we to make of a man who is ignorant of history; who is ignorant of economics; who despises his own country; and who appears to believe that awareness of his own
wonderfulness is enough to guide him? To put it charitably, he has a great deal
to learn, and not much time to learn it.


  1. "One seriously hesitates to draw the conclusion that Barack Obama is a fool"........ . This, sadly, does not exclude millions and millions of his minions, albeit their numbers are dwindling.

  2. Never underestimate the ingenuity of a fool!

  3. Hey Gene,
    How about Thomas Jefferson- with the foresight and wisdom to launch the Lewis & Clark Expedition which reached the Pacific Ocean!!


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