Thursday, June 14, 2012

Clinton does in Obama

And he did it two years ago.  Maybe he has a time machine...

Clinton in 2010 before the mid-term elections.

"And they say they had 21 months put us back in, the Democrats are saying something like this: Look, we found a big hole that we did not dig, and we didn't get out of it in 21 months, but at least we quit digging. So, don't go back in reverse, give us two more years and if it doesn't work you have another election in just two years, you can vote us all out then. But for goodness sakes, we quit digging don't bring back the shovel brigade."



  1. Let's fulfill thier dream! VOTE THEM OUT!

    (my dream too)...

  2. "we quit digging"

    Didn't B.O. say, to the effect, that his "shovle ready" jobs weren't actually shovle ready? So my question is; when did they start digging in the first place? Oh, you say they didn't, well, well! I guess not, since the Keystone project is on hold until we get a grown-up back in the White House! Slick Willy made a good point, although I'm sure that he didn't mean it, (the truth not being one of his strong points) when he said:"you can vote us all out then." Let's do as he says!

  3. As that great orator Dizzy Dean would say, "You slud in to home plate on that one, JB!"

  4. Oh, Clinton does in Obama. I misread that headline at first, Heh!


    "shovel" not "shovle". Sometimes proofreading isn't one of my 'strong points' either!


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