Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

I hope everyone had a good day yesterday.  Julie sent me a very nice watch.  She and her husband live across the country, but the magic of modern phones keeps the family in touch.

Fellow blogger and radio pundidt, the Quantum Conservative, became a first time father earlier in the week.  Congratulations to him.

My father died several years ago.  I was reminiscing yesterday about some of the memorable events we shared.  They were not all fun, but they were, as I said, memorable, like the great Denver flood of the '60's that filled our basement with water.

I realized that I am now older than he was in any of these adventures.

It is a strange dichotomy to remember the "old man" who was not much older than my daughter is now.


  1. Well one fond memory? Dad myself and two brothers were out rabbit hunting one time. We had not seen "hide nor hare" of any rabbits all day...So dad declared that we were now bear hunting. I really had a hard time understanding what we would do if in fact we did come upon a rabbit. I asked dad and he said: " We are hunting bears."

    Weird huh.

    1. We had a long-standing family tradition when we were out fishing without success of saying, "I hope I catch a turtle!" Maybe that was your dad's strategy. Better question may have been what you would have done if you saw a bear.

    2. With only a few .22 rifles I doubt we would have done much. Maybe run...?

  2. I called my father yesterday. He is very stoic, but age is taking it toll.

    He is my hero, always will be. He took a direct hit from a mortar round in the Korean War. At the time he was driving a jeep behind enemy lines at the time. The mortar did not explode. He used his belt to form a tourniquet around a destroyed left leg, and drove back to a medic. They counted 52 bullet holes in the jeep later.

    After 3 days on a boat to Japan with no medical attention, they removed the gangrene infected leg on deck before removing him from the ship.

    This was all years before I was born.

    He taught me to play baseball. I was the best pitcher in the league, thanks to him. He taught me to hunt ducks and how to fish, although I do my most successful fishing now at Safeway. He did all this while completing 30 years of service in the Army and then another 15 years in the private sector.

    Most importantly he taught me integrity, perseverance and honor.

    He will turn 89 next month. I am afraid that where mere mortals could not slow him, father time is relentless. He told me that he has made all his and my mothers final arrangements and how and where they are to be buried. That is very tough to hear a father, a coach, and a hero.

    He is my hero, always will be….

    1. A salute to your dad from us Tom! He sounds like a great man.


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