Thursday, June 21, 2012

Furious fast

That's what all the left writers are. Local and national bloggers are unable to deal with the fact that Eric Holder refuses to provide documents to Congress.  What has Holder got to hide?  What has President Obama got to hide? What has the most transparent administration in history got to hide?

But in response we get no cogent arguments.  We get an immediate response of "it's racist".

We get an immediate sexual slur on anyone who questions why the Attorney General and President will not just hold whoever is responsible for Fast and Furious accountable.

It is a seriously gone wrong government operation.  Or rather as Townhall writer Katie Pavlich is forever reminding the media, Fast & Furious wasn’t “botched.” There’s no evidence to think that it wasn’t executed precisely as intended. People died.  U.S. agents died.  Hundreds, maybe even thousands of Mexican citizens died. 

Why exactly, is it racist to ask who is responsible and how have they been held accountable?


  1. You mean to say that stone walls aren't transparent? Hmmm...

  2. Bene - right on target. When all else fails, hide behind the race card because no one seems to have the ....guts... to call that as BS.

    Its more important to be politically correct than correct.

  3. "It is a seriously gone wrong government operation."

    Well, just what else can be expected from a government which has gone wrong and a society which put it there?

  4. If I just heard B.O.'s mouth piece correctly, F&F was started during (you guessed it) the Bush Administration. Holder's only apparent involvment was, upon learning of it, shuting it down. OK, why was today the very first time that I heard it explained this way? Do you think, perhaps, there was a bit of 'spin'to this?

  5. When I first heard of F & F, I thought it was mostly a screw-up with perhaps some criminal negligence. Over the years the government has done plenty of those.
    If Brian Terry had not been killed, I wonder if we would have heard anything?
    Back in 2009 I was tutoring a young Mexican national in English (she was preparing for her citizenship tests). She told me that the drug cartels were getting their weapons from American gun stores. I doubted her remark because while they could get some guns from American stores, there was no way they could (legally) get sufficient numbers to be considered a supply of arms. Well I never considered that our DOJ would open the flood gates, so she was right and I was wrong.
    That my government would have contributed to the (conservative count) 47,000 deaths in Mexico,in the last six years is unacceptable. Mexican census puts the number at 67,000 for the three years '07 to '10.
    This is our justice? This is the justice that America stands for?
    We get some crooks in public office, it happens, but surely the members of the Oversight Committee and the House of Representatives will not allow the crooks to "walk" fast and furiously where they will to damage as they will?

  6. I guess you could call it "racist." I mean, as gmw points out, 47,000/67,000* Mexican deaths as opposed to two gringo deaths (that we know of)... yeah, I guess you could call it "racist."

    *47,000 to 67,000... Hey! A couple of thousand here, a couple of thousand there... it's hard to keep track of.

  7. I forgot to add: IT'S ALL BUSH'S FAULT!
    (Even though Project Gunrunner [Bush's era] and Fast and Furious are two entirely different programs and handled in entirely different ways.)

    1. While I realize all who object to the New Socialist administration are racist, I think the significant difference is that the two American deaths, getting the most attention, were law enforcement agents. One worked for ICE and the other worked as Border Patrol. To kill an American law enforcer is to attack all Americans. We just don't like that.
      You know it is Bush's fault. If he had not conducted an honorable interdiction program, Holder's program wouldn't look so bad.
      From Katie Pavlich
      "To further prove Fast and Furious wasn’t botched in its implementation, ATF Phoenix Field Division Supervisor at the time, William Newell, described in emails that guns showing up at crime scenes in Mexico was proof the operation was working."
      Is it any wonder Americans have such a low opinion of the government?

    2. "...guns showing up at crime scenes in Mexico was proof the operation was working."
      Aww, SHEECH, gmw! Did you just HAVE to find that one and tell me?! My head is STILL throbbing from beating it against the wall after reading THAT one!
      ("Incompetence is always more believable than a conspiracy theory" -- Kinda catchy, huh?)

  8. " two entirely different programs and handled in entirely different ways.)"

    Well, hey Jay Carney didn't mention that! I guess he just forgot. I love it when the Democrats/Liberals are 'between the dog and the fire hydrant'!

    1. I was listening to Carney when he DIDN'T mention that little fact. Sort of like the one where ALL our financial woes are Bush's fault -- forgetting that the Democrats were in control, and on a spending spree like a bunch of teenage girls at the mall with daddies' credit cards, the last two years that Bush was in office.


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