Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Health Update

That recent story on salt has bounced around the innertubes and resulted in this compilation from Ace of Spades.  Everything bad is good for you:
High-fat diets are good for you.

High-fat diets help you lose weight.

Steak and lard and bacon are good eats.

Low salt diets increase the risk of death.

Diet soda makes you fat.

Salt helps your body get rid of bad cholesterol.

Last week we learned that exercise may increase heart risk.


  1. Obviously there is a recurring pattern, whether we are talking about global warming, obesity, gun violence, tobacco use . Here is a glimpse inside the progressive do-gooder’s playbook for any scheme.
    1. Pick a supposed problem
    2. Gather and display alarming statistics
    3. Distort and magnify to crisis proportion
    4. Declare a public policy imperative
    5. Declare the science settled
    6. Announce your good intentions
    7. Propose an untestable solution
    8. Implement legislation or executive order
    9. Penalize offenders, marginalize and punish opponents
    10. Redistribute wealth to fund the solution
    11. Declare triumph without actually demonstrating results
    12. Quickly move on to something else before you are found out
    13. Celebrate your high moral standing at cocktail parties

    (BTW- I am resurrecting the Seamus Muldoon blog, but not as a political commentary site. Gene does much better at that than I ever did. Feel free to check it out, link in my name)

    1. They are clever alright, and it is effective. They use these techniques a lot, maybe too much. The power-grab is covered by appealing words, but sooner or later the hook becomes apparent, their reach for control looses the veneer. When these techniques acquire a household name, people will laugh at them. When that happens, they will re-group but it will take time. That's what I'm looking for---that space of time, or enough ground gained, to do some rebuilding.

  2. Eat right, stay fit, die anyway.

    I believe the key is Quality of Life. Enjoy the short time we have here. Surround yourself with good friends and family - each is a gift, cherish them all.

    1. Marcus Aurelius said the same thing. (He was the good emperor in Gladiator). Aurelius was very logical and very good, a man worthy to be remembered.

  3. Fantastic Seamus, you nailed it again!


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