Saturday, June 30, 2012

More bad news

I have really enjoyed the Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child.  Jack is a 6'5" ex-military policeman. He's rough, he's tough, he's all man.

Tom Cruise Confirmed to Play Jack Reacher in ‘One Shot’

Tom is a gay midget.  He claims 5'7".  Ha Ha Ha.  He even claims he is straight.  Tomkat as Jack Reacher is a movie characterization that just won't fly.

It is as bad as casting the brown-eyed blonde Katherine Heigl as the blue-eyed dark haired Jersey girl, Stephanie Plum.

Both the Stephanie Plum and Jack Reacher books have been very popular.  The Plum movie was a big disappointment and a box office fail.  I predict the same for the Cruise movie


  1. I could not remember the title "ONE SHOT" at 0:dark thirty. So now I have gone back to the kindle and found it. Reacher #9. I will have to re read it.


  2. Here are some of the high points of Tom Cruise's film & TV career:

    The Wizard of Oz............Mayor of Munchkinville
    Fantasy Island..............Tattoo's little brother
    Lord of the Rings...........Frodo's little brother
    The Mickey Rooney Story.....Mickey Rooney's little brother
    Forrest Gump................BubbaGump's shrimp
    The Little Rascals..........Froggy's little brother
    A League of Their Own.......The shortstop

    Plus a cameo role in "Get Shorty" and a number of Indie film shorts. Did I mention he is only 5'7" dripping wet?

    Seamus M.

    CORRECTION: In Wizard of Oz he was actually the mayor's little brother!

    1. Seamus, you are on a roll! I'm standing back, laughing out loud AGAIN.

  3. Besides TC is not man enough to play Reacher. Some one in the realm of Tom Selleck would be much more believable -- and a better casting as well.

  4. You mean Cruise is STILL around?! I thought he was off in some other "realm" and we'd finally gotten rid of him.


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