Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Not bad for a part time job

Chicago’s Unionized Public School Teachers Authorize Strike
The strike will occur this fall if the city’s school system doesn’t meet their demands, which are: A 20% pay raise, a 4% pay raise they claim was stolen from them, and then another 5% pay raise on top of that. Chicago has been on Time’s list of America’s most bankrupt cities since 2010.
*The average Chicago teacher already makes just shy of $75,000 per year.

*The new proposed school day would increase to 7 hours for elementary and 7.5 hours for higher grades, and would increase the school year to 180 days.

*Chicago public school administrators make, on average, $120,659.

As the article reports, the average private worker in Chicago makes about $53,000, works 250 days a year and probably more than 8 hours a day. Their salary is taxed to pay the teachers.

Obama says if we just had more teachers everything would be good. Obama says the private sector is doing fine.

UPDATE: O on the needs of the poor public workers-


  1. Woweeee, this is what our Fraud-in-Chief thinks we need more of! Anyone, and I mean anyone, who would vote to re-elect B.O. belongs in a mental institution!

  2. According to the ORGANIZATION for ECONOMIC COOPERATION and DEVELOPMENT the U.S., with the exception of Switzerland, spends the most per capita for education K-12 in the World. The same organization reports that comparative achievement scores indicate mediocre performance on the part of American students. The NATIONAL CENTER FOR EDUCATION STATISTICS states that while the cost(s)relative to K-12 increased three-fold between 1970-2007, achievement scores remained flat. It's way past time to implement the "Voucher System"! I've seen more odious behavior by uion faculity members, in recent years, than by all of the students combined, when I attended!!!!!

  3. "Chicago has been on Time’s list of America’s most bankrupt cities since 2010."

    You don't say! If I figure this right the teachers are making over twice what the average person makes, per hour! If their current demands are met it will be around 2.7 X. I say, if they strike, good! There are plenty of educated persons un or under employed to take their places before "lockout" and/or termination.

    OK, I'll shut up!

  4. From the "Lost Tools of Learning" by Dorothy Sayers 1947 Worthy the time to read:
    "For we let our young men and women go out unarmed, in a day when armor was never so necessary. By teaching them all to read, we have left them at the mercy of the printed word. By the invention of the film and the radio, we have made certain that no aversion to reading shall secure them from the incessant battery of words, words, words. They do not know what the words mean; they do not know how to ward them off or blunt their edge or fling them back; they are a prey to words in their emotions instead of being the masters of them in their intellects. We who were scandalized in 1940 when men were sent to fight armored tanks with rifles, are not scandalized when young men and women are sent into the world to fight massed propaganda with a smattering of "subjects"; and when whole classes and whole nations become hypnotized by the arts of the spell binder, we have the impudence to be astonished. We dole out lip-service to the importance of education--lip- service and, just occasionally, a little grant of money; we postpone the school-leaving age, and plan to build bigger and better schools; the teachers slave conscientiously in and out of school hours; and yet, as I believe, all this devoted effort is largely frustrated, because we have lost the tools of learning, and in their absence can only make a botched and piecemeal job of it."


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