Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Recycle Yard

I'm not much for most recycling efforts.  Too often the cost in energy and chemical waste is greater than any effort to recycle.*

But there are a couple of proven exceptions - aluminum and steel.

I had a close encounter with a curb a while ago.  As a result I have been driving around with mis-matched wheels on my old pick-up truck.  This not really too big a deal since the truck is 16 years old and old trucks earn the right to look a bit scruffy.  Still, it bothered my a little and so when it came time for some new tires I also checked into some new wheels.

Reeling from the sticker shock of 4 new wheels on top of the tire cost, I reconsidered.  But, just by chance a local salvage yard had appeared on the store list for my wheel search.

I confess I've never been to the junkyard.  I had preconceived notions.  This one had a nifty web page.  It had a easy multi-function search feature and I quickly located a wheel from a truck just like mine.  I drove out to the store and found an office full of computers.  They checked my search, confirmed the wheel availability, and gave a kid a locator number.  The whole place is organized down to the last part and everything is stored in the computer.  The kid took me right to a partially stripped truck.  I confirmed that the wheel was identical to the three I had.  I went back to the office and the kid delivered the wheel to me in about 10 minutes. It only cost me $25 bucks.

Old cars are picked until all the useful parts are gone.  The final end is recycling of the steel itself.
What surpised me was the incredible organization of the place.  Also, the only dog I saw was a friendly little chihauhua.

*Penn and Teller on recycling (warning: rough language)


  1. Gene you are right - I have been frequenting "automobile recycling" yards since I learned how to drive. I also look to "bone yards" - the same type of place for motorcycles. I like to do things with my hands. I got a full set of alloy rims WITH nerly new snow tires for a car of mine that cost me a total of $200. Going to the dealer, one rim was more than $200.

    Great places and usually they have very nice and helpful people.

  2. If the recycle place is willing to give me money for stuff (copper, steel, alum. etc.) I will be happy to take the stuff to them.

    As far as the sorting and stuff of household items nope not going there/

    However on my recent trip to the metals recycling place, there was a man who had 9000 cat food cans to recycle....He should at least rinse the things out. I had to stand there while the folks were weighing the items in line before me and I had the wonderful experience of smelling old catfood cans ick ick ick.

    Lucky I got the shipment of comas in yesterday.


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