Friday, June 8, 2012


Between the Lines: By Mark Halperin (Time magazine)
With five months until Election Day, Barack Obama faces a grim new reality: Republicans now believe Mitt Romney can win, and Democrats believe Obama can lose ...
The sense of inevitability is gone. The essential threshold has been crossed. The Obama house of cards is collapsing. And speaking of a house of cards-

Noonan: Obama administration suddenly looks like house of cards.

Hill Lawmakers Blast White House On Leaks.
Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill don’t agree on much these days, but they agree that the Obama administration has a serious problem with leaking classified information. And with national security in the balance, a group of congressional leaders say there’s an urgent need to get things back in line.
And even Clinton seems to be acting as a double agent for team R.

Bill Clinton backs extending Bush tax cuts, for now.  Whoops.  They made him take it back.  They said he was too old.  That will help get the big dog back on team O.

Oh - and the wheels are coming of the Holder stonewall of Fast and Furious. Issa to Holder on F&F: “You are not a good witness”  Obama should have dealt with this quickly and at the very beginning. All the resistance will just time the blow up in for election news.


  1. "There is, now, a house-of-cards feel about this administration."

    "NOW"? If you ask me this was "a house-of-cards" from the very beginning! Even a cursory review and analysis of B.O.'s: shady relationships,socialist leanings,lack of requisite expierence,murky and obfuscated past and phony demeanor should have precluded him from securing the office; it didn't. A spellbound electorate paid no heed and now "those chickens are coming home to roost"! Now, watch him flail about; having exhausted the 'blame Bush' excuse, his failures have become the fault of Congress!

  2. Jon you are so right!

    Like any Pyramid or Ponzi scheme, eventually people discover that there is nothing behind the thin shell created by the illusionist.

    What we see here is that OTHERS, and some of those are very near the illusionist, are beginning to realize that they have been duped. They must now determine if they will go down with the ship or leave. The media may go down with the ship because those people can always hide at other media employers. However the political people who have only their name, must now admit they were wrong. Admit that in public, and try to salvage what they can of what they have left.

    Maybe those closest to the illusionist could write a book about how it was done. How and what they saw from the inside, as America was systematically being dismantled.

    Its now time for all of the nation to turn this around.

  3. I endured the audio portion of B.O's conference, from another room, this morning. It seems that he thinks the private sector economy is doing fine and what we must now do is expand the public sector. It seems to me that:

    1)Unless you believe that the, grossly understated, unemployment stat. of 8.2% is good; what, in the World, was his basis for his claim(s) regarding the private sector?

    2)Given that the public sector is financially strapped, to the point that it cannot afford the additional burden of more employees, where does he expect financing for such to come from; the printing press or more debt?

    This guy has either completely 'lost it' or he thinks that the collective mentality of America is still as impaired as when he was elected (anointed) or, even worse, both!!!!

    1. I wondered why he did a press conference, since he does so few. I suppose part of it was to deny the security leaks, but I think mostly it was another campaign event.
      He has an ad about Congress obstructing his jobs plan.
      It talks of the need to protect the jobs of firemen, policemen and teachers, and make more construction jobs.
      This press conference expanded on and gave background for the assertions of the ad. Though I didn't hear him talk about the necessary tax increases in the press conference.

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