Sunday, July 15, 2012

Back to blogging

I'm back to blogging after some serious work time.  And by "work" I mean work of the federal variety.
Definition of a “federal work activity” under TANF 

1. Bed rest
2. Personal care activities
3. Massage
4. Exercise
5. Journaling
6. Motivational reading
7. Smoking cessation
8. Weight loss promotion
9. Participating in parent teacher meetings
10. Helping a friend or relative with household tasks and errands.

Obama to Clinton welfare reform: Drop dead
President Obama is the chief executive, obligated by the Constitution to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.” Obama, however, seems to have — by executive order — altered that to read “take Care that the Laws [which he likes or wished Congress had passed] be faithfully executed. The list of laws he won’t enforce or is unilaterally amending is getting long: Defense of Marriage Act, immigration laws, voting laws, and anti-terror laws. He won’t even enforce all the provisions of his signature legislation as we’ve seen in the bushels-full of Obamacare waivers. The latest and most inexplicable gambit is his decision to undo bipartisan welfare reform.


  1. "The latest and most inexplicable gambit is his decision to undo bipartisan welfare reform."

    I guess that one of his excuses is that there are just not enough jobs. I guess "Porkulus" didn't make it. I would think, however, that there should be plenty of jobs in B.O.'s greatest and most rapidly expanding enterprise;THE GOVERNMENT MONEY PRINTING PRESS operations!

  2. This is a great article. It contains another list of Obama's destructive and barely believable actions.
    JonBerg, you hit the heart of it. The Federal Government can print money, while the states can't. So this will allow the states to use newly printed money. The tyranny of the weak is upon us.

  3. Hey, when all else fails just try a little "Quantitative Easing". What's a little inflation among savers/taxpayers anyway? Heck, it's only my life savings and what a great cause!!!!!

    NO GOOD can possibly come to us as long as this FRAUD is in office!!!!

    1. ...and there are his enablers from both political parties. They allow this to continue because if they say or do anything it will disturb the feathers in their own nest.

  4. OK, I digress, 'Big Time'. I heard and saw B.O. say, a couple of days ago, to the effect, that those who are successful didn't make it on their own but only for the Government would they have made it! This fraud is loosing it or, if enough people believe it, WE have lost it! Once again, I would love to hear some liberal, albeit most don't have the fortitude to even take an identity, tell us just what this means? I'm not holding my breath!

    No, Bush didn't do it!!!!!

    1. And where did the Government get the money to build the road that you drove on to your now successful business? From taxpayers. Hammer the point that there is no such thing as 'government' money- it is 'taxpayer' money. Mr. Obama doesn't get to live in that big white house because he achieved anything. (Oddly enough he lives there in spite of a spectacular record of non-achievement.) Without the consent of the private sector the public sector would not exist! This latest gambit to do away with welfare reforms is just another vote-buying scheme. Slap the producers while coddling the takers. There's a winning strategy for American prosperity! Anyone else feel like shrugging?

    2. The Fraud IS loosing it...
      I like the point you've made, it is taxpayer money, not government money. There is no government money.
      The non-achiever-in-chief made it to the White House because a few very wealthy people found this chameleon narcissist; they built a campaign plan around him and placed him on stage. His inability to produce makes him the epitome of a government worker, and the government function: to consume the productive. Government, like fire, needs to be tightly controlled.


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