Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bad News for the Bamster

The CBS News/New York Times poll of registered voters released last night is

(Comment from Ace of Spades)
 exceptionally good news for us. Sure, the top-line number is a statistical tie, Romney 47% to Obama 46%. But dig down and Obama is in deep doodoo. Among independents, Obama is deeply underwater, with only 28% saying they have a favorable impression versus 52% who say not favorable. Independents seem to slightly favor Romney, 32% to 31%. Among all voters, Obama's favorability went from a slightly bad 42%-45% in April to 36%-48%.

That's just astonishing. After a month of unanswered Obama attack ads, with the campaign uttering smear after smear, as Obama makes targeted panders on gay rights and immigration policy, Obama's favorability dropped six points!


  1. Wow this is good news. After the election we can start getting to work to actually reclaim freedom. My expectation is that Romney will stop the downward spiral, but I'm not so sure he can do the reclamation. I'm thinking the paradigm is beginning to shift, but it can easily shift back.

  2. "Obama's favorability dropped six points!"

    In a perfect, rational, society he would never have had "favorability" to begin with!

  3. JB amongst rational members of society he never did have a "favorability factor".

  4. dean0,

    Are you suggesting that we have some [irrational] members?

    1. In this society yes we have some irrational members.

    2. No, sorry Seamus not you.

  5. When it drops 76 points, I'll be happy(er.)


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