Thursday, July 26, 2012

Colorado Gun Laws

Here is a good article from Dave Kopel: Colorado Consensus on Gun Laws

This is an important note:
Colorado law allows government buildings to be declared “gun-free zones,” but Colorado law insists that when a government promises a gun-free zone, the government must keep the promise: Licensed carry may be forbidden in a government building only if all entrances to the building are controlled, and if the public entrances have metal detectors manned by armed guards.

Under Colorado law, therefore, government entities may not simply post a no guns sign and leave law-abiding, licensed citizens defenseless against violent criminals.
The Concealed Carry Act did not disturb the property rights of business owners — if they wish to, they may prohibit concealed carry on their business premises. Fortunately, very few Colorado businesses have done so. But one that did was Century Theaters. Compounding the problem, Century Theaters did not create an actual “gun-free zone” (as some government buildings in Colorado have). Instead, Century Theaters created a pretend gun-free zone. Century Theaters did nothing to prevent armed criminals from entering the theater.
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  1. Concealed carry permits will not be obtained by the lawless. Those with ccp may not be as well trained as the military or law enforcement, but reasonable and responsible men and women are valuable in any crisis. So as we increase the percentage of the population with ccp, we begin to outnumber the armed criminals.

  2. I'm speaking from Texas but this applies to anywhere I am. Yes, I have a CHL and I've had it since it went into effect in Texas. And, yes, I'll continue to carry my weapon in the most dangerous places to be -- gun free zones. The whole idea is concealment, anyway; no one should ever know if I'm armed or not and I WANT IT that way. If, and when, I deem it necessary to draw my weapon, that will be my decision. I may, and most likely will, face civil and criminal court action after the dust settles. That's why I carry A LOT of self defense insurance. That's also why I adhere to the old saying, "I'd rather be tried by twelve than carried out by six."

  3. Most likely you will always be in relatively peaceful circumstances, never needing to use a weapon. However, should a situation arise, you are prepared not only to protect yourself, but also those around you.


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