Saturday, July 21, 2012

Colorado shootings

 A pox on all those who jump to use the tragedy for their own political purpose.

I think it is important to keep the focus on the individual who planned and committed this act.

To date all that is really known wouldn't fill a thirty minute broadcast let alone the 24 hour coverage.

There will be plenty of time for discussion once all the facts are known.


  1. Well, maybe I just a cynic or maybe a bit paranoid, but the first thing that came into my mind when I heard about these shooting yesterday morning, was all the documents that Obammer, and Eric have kept from the congress. The question that remains in my head is: What other programs beside F&F did these two fellows have cooked up?

  2. dean0

    Yeah, I kind of had the same thoughts. Anyway you look at it, notwithstanding the very tragic nature of all of this, in a perverse way it is a gift to the B.O./Holder/Hellary gun grabbing cabal!

    1. Gun grabbing cabal? Seems to me Obama Hillary and Holden were not the ones who grabbed two pistols a shotgun and an assault rifle. Anyway what part of " well-regulated militia" don't you gun totin' cowboys understand ? Tom Dick and Harriet entering a movie theater with assault rifles are not a well regulated militia, membership in which is the Constitutional basis ofr keeping and bearing arms. Read the Amendment.

    2. Are you actually proposing that the Founders only wanted the national guard to be armed? Your implied definition of militia is too narrow. Militia can be self-trained, they can be used to protect from invasion, from civil insurrections, from private criminals, even fires and wild animals. No more than a policeman must wait for others to gather, before he/she can oppose a crook, neither is the citizen required to form ranks before he exercises his 2nd Amendment responsibility.

  3. This link makes a few points regarding government involvement. Like so many of these things, we will probably never get the fact.

  4. This is a good interview giving an analysis of mass shootings and how citizens should respond (don't hide----fight for your lives).

    There are 4 reasons these shootings end: 1) shooter runs out of ammo 2) someone on scene stops shooter 3) Shoots kills self 4) Police end the attack.
    These events usually last about 5 minutes.

  5. "Read the Amendment"

    I'm not a 'Constitional Scholar' and I suspect that "Anonymous" isn't either. What I do know is that the current interpretation of the 2nd Amendment allows [responsible] citizens to purchase and own firearms. Disallowing same will NOT eliminate the likes of misfits, thugs and psychos such as : John Gacy, Harris & Klebold, Tim McVeigh, the Unabomber, Ted Bundy and gangs; just to name a few, to find their way(s)to commit havoc. To think that "Gun Control" (much more about CONTROL than guns) would have prevented any of this is at best, simplistic (a characteristic of liberalism), at worst, ludicrous! A current example of the results of "Gun Control" is featured in today's (07/23/12) LTGL Post.

  6. gmw,

    "Your implied definition of militia is too narrow"

    I concur. I also wonder if the "Founders" envisioned that their good work would ever degenerate into a situation wherein the Constitution would be marginalized or that the Legislative process would be circumvented, to advance the agenda(s) of those who would subjugate the rights and freedom of the citizenry, at large! Tyranny is, by no means, a new concept!


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