Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fries with that?

From John Leo: Janitors With College Degrees and the Higher-Education Bubble
As college costs continue to climb, the return on many degrees has diminished.

Back in April of 2008 I wrote the post Would you like fries with that?
Last evening my wife asked me if there was anybody left that I hadn’t insulted.

Just then Kieran Wilson of KKCO presented a story about an art exhibit at Mesa State College.

Students Polish off Years of Hard Work
Mesa State's senior art show opened to the public Monday, and it features everything from bronze work to paintings. Work from three fine arts seniors is on display and they say the combination of their expertise is what makes the show so well rounded.
I am glad there are fine artists in the world. Art makes the world a nicer place to live. But the tuition and fees bill for 15 credit hours is $2,125.92. Add in the least expensive room and board option of $3,567.88 and the yearly total is $5,693.80. Multiply that times an optimistic four years and the grand total is $22,775.20

Update/correction: The numbers are for each semester so the supersized total for a four year degree in fine arts is $45,550.40

What are these fine artists going to do when they graduate?
The Mesa website has the totals for 2012.

Current tuition and fees : $4365.30 per semester
Room and board varies  :$4000.00 per semester
Yearly total : $16,730.60   Four year total: $66,922.40

Grand Life Opinions:  97.6% right.


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    1. Yes, but why do the random moves always end up with higher amounts?

    2. Well that is simple...The democrats are in charge.


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