Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Imaginary WMDs

Remember all those "imaginary WMDs" that were in Iraq and being moved to Syria?  Libs claimed it was just a neo-con fantasy.

Now Syria is threatening to use them.
The Syrian regime threatened to use chemical and biological weapons in the case of an external attack yesterday, in what appeared to be a chilling warning to Western and Arab nations pushing for intervention in the country's bloody civil war.


  1. Oh, you mean that Sadam had WMD, after all. Wow, who would have thought!

  2. The thing about this whole WMD debate, that irritates the bejeeeebes out of me is that I know that our troops found depots with WMD stored in them.

    So there was not as MUCH as we thought there would be but there WAS some.

  3. I could write a dissertation on the subject of Iraq's WMDs (as JonBerg is well aware of.) I'll just leave it with JB's quote, "Wow, who would have thought!"

  4. If, and more like when, it is determined that Syria's WMD were aquired from Iraq, at the threshold of the Coalition's liberation of the latter, what will be the Bush detractors' 'spin'?

    1. I'm sure it'll be as ingeniousness and STOOPID as all the rest of 'em, that leave me shaking my head and wondering what kind of fool do you take us for... then, I remember.


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