Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Obligatory Detroit Zombie Post

Detroit to be hit by flesh and brain-eating zombie apocalypse(but only if live-action terror theme park plan is pushed through

From the comment section:
See, things are starting to improve.

   - B.Obama, Washington D.C., USA, 03/7/2012 16:39

If you want a "thrill", just wander the streets of Detroit at night and you will soon be running for your life, all at no charge.

   - Peter, San Diego, USA, 03/7/2012 16:38


  1. Detroit epitomizes America, if B.O. ia allowed to continue. The DNC should scrap their plans for Charlotte and instead have the convention in "The Motor City". That way those sorry @$$e$ could all get a first hand glimpse of where they are taking us, including their own lineage! I'm sure that there are some hotels that they could use for free where they could contemplate the life that they are trying to create for everyone else!

  2. Is it just me or have zombies not evolved much since the 1950's?


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