Sunday, July 8, 2012


Try not. Do or do not, there is no try.
-- Yoda

Most People 'Would Acknowledge That I've Tried Real Hard'
-- Obama

A man tried all day to start his lawnmower. His neighbor came over and armed with knowledge, performed the correct adjustments and repairs.  With little he effort started the engine in minimal time.

Trying without knowledge and skill is worth little.


  1. Uhh... "tried real hard?" Yeah, I love that one.

    Just let your imagination run wild on how "I tried real hard" to send the United States back to the Stone Age.

  2. How hard he tried is really not the issue. He has had an unprecedented effort to destroy the social and economic structure of the United States. He has tried hard and has had some degree of success.

    His "uhh...tried really hard" monologue is aimed at the stupid, me, me, me crowd.

    As I have said before: If we are not careful Obammmmma may just be the last president of the United States.

  3. Excellent ad! An infant might get by with trying hard, but by the time, a child is 6, he best be moving away from that. Here's a quote I've known for years, but I can't find the author:
    "To try is merely a half-hearted attempt with a foreknowledge of failure."

    Marine4ever, I am imagining what this person wanted to do and delighting in his failure.

  4. Obama: Most People "Would Acknowledge That I've Tried Real Hard" to destroy America and everything it stands for but those knuckle dragging Republicans wouldn't cooperate-wwwwaaaaaa!


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