Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You might be a racist if

You require a government ID

Journalists Required To Show IDs at Eric Holder’s Talk On The Evil of IDs

NAACP Requires Photo ID to See Holder Speak in State Being Sued Over Voter ID?


  1. The STOOPIDITY of reasoning and the nonchalance of Holder is mind boggling.

  2. How, on earth, is the requirment for Photo ID in order to vote “discriminatory” if EVERYONE is required? If it's really discriminatory, in that case,why isn't it such in the plethora of other applications? B.O. promised "transparency", well here is one case where he followed through, although inadvertently! It is 'crystal clear' that the avoidance of voter fraud is antithetical to the DemocRAT quest to win elections at any cost. Hey, as long as the Government is otherwise 'giving away the farm' then it would make little difference if, while requiring photo ID to vote, it provided the ID cards at no cost to the card holders. If that were the case what then would be the excuse? I susupect that with all of the other requirmrnts for photo ID (or there should be) to obtain Public Benefits most of these, so called, 'minorities', otherwise qualified to vote, already have such cards anyway. This whole ruse is nothing more than a 'transparent' attempt to further the DemocRAT subterfuge, aimed at skewing election results in their favor! B.O., Holder et al must go!

  3. How on earth could I possibly be called a racist? I don't like any of their white halves, either.

  4. M4e,

    Well, if the shoe doesn't fit don't ware it (LOL)!

  5. If all conservatives are racist, where were all the complaints about Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice? I just don't remember the race card ever coming up... But of course there were few complaints about their work. It must have been a temporary race blindness.
    Seems likely that Obama is magnifying the race card because, as you know Romney is extra "white." (Is that code for moral, ethical, "boring" and effective?) Obama is losing the common sense black vote, so he is hoping to at least keep them from the voting box, by making it appear that Romney is foreign.
    I wonder how many black Americans actually care about past injustices? Those who have become wealthy, living in family-loving neighborhoods, did not get there by blaming everybody for the difficulties they faced. Those folks have the most to lose if Obama continues.

    1. Case in point: I have to have my blood drawn every month at the VA clinic. The "Doc" that does it is black. Over the years, we've talked about a lot of things. When Obimbo first got elected, I went out of my way not to bring up the subject. He didn't. He told me that he didn't see how anybody in their right mind could have voted for him.
      Everybody in his church was "Amenin'" and "Praisin' the Lord" (his words -- not mine) and he was trying to tell them what they could really expect. He finally got so disgusted with trying to reason with them -- his wife, included -- that he said he just gave up and would sit there, about to explode every Sunday. And there was no peace at home with his wife on the subject.
      About a year and a half later, he told me that nearly everybody in his church -- his wife, included -- had, at one point or another, come up to him and told him they guessed he knew what he was talking about.
      End of moral.

    2. Glad to hear the story, sorry for his difficult stand.
      I went to the Town Hall meeting yesterday-it was fun, people clapping and jumping to their feet a lot. Limbaugh played some of the Romney speech to the NAACP. I heard one of the same comments (smaller government) and he got boos. It was a marked difference.
      Black people have been lied to for such a long time, it has come to define their identity.
      I'm glad Romney went, more courageous than Obama. Limbaugh said that he got a standing ovation at the end.

  6. M4e,

    Let's hope that this epiphany, that you speak of, is more widespread than conventional wisdom would, otherwise, suggest.


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