Friday, August 3, 2012

Another unexpectedly bad jobs report

Morning update: Unemployment Rises To 8.3%.

From (of all places) the Washington Post: President Obama’s job creation problem

Officially, the worst president ever.


  1. It might, also, be interesting to see the National Debt increases juxtaposed to each of these tenures.

  2. I agree with Jon. I was also thinking that the colors here are ...subjective. Maybe they didn't want their current presidnet to look too bad? but that ship has sailed....

    Maybe combine the two... # Job gains divided by the National Debt Increase ( jobs per $ )

  3. Also there is not a spot to track job losses. (or I a missing something--which would not be a surprise)

    So what if 5 jobs are created but 7 people lost their jobs.

  4. Yes, it seems obvious that we have become a culture impervious to the serious reality of debt; both personally as well as nationally. I view this to be a significant 'root cause' of our current economic plight! Nothing short of a miracle will lift us from this morass. Re-election of B.O. will only serve to plunge us further into it!

  5. No matter what kind of spin that's put on it -- job factor alone -- why is the DNC (and other social and mental misfits) still so enamored with someone that's not been seen since der Fuhrer? Hmmmm?


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