Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bad Politicians

I know, I repeat myself.

Local statehouse candidate Jared Wright is hanging in the race despite calls to do the right thing and leave.  It looks as if Jared has failed at his job and failed at his personal finances so thought he'd try politics.

National candidate Todd Akin said something stupid and now stands to lose a senate to Claire McCaskill.

Too bad both men are letting their egos get in the way.  Statesmanship is all about putting the country first.

Give the Republicans credit for pressuring these guys to leave.  Dems just rally around. Such failure is a plus for them.  Think Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo, Bill Clinton and (a list too long), Weiner....

By the way, one local lib blogger, the one with the limited vocabulary, (he has trouble with words longer than four letters) said Akin was a tea party candidate.  He was not.  He was the Dem favorite in an open primary.   McCaskill spent $2 million in ads supporting Akin's primary win.  She wanted to face him rather than the tea party candidate.

Even lib bloggers ought to get the facts right.

And let's get rid of open primaries.

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  1. fabulist \FAB-yuh-list\, noun:

    1. A liar.
    2. A person who invents or relates fables.


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