Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Norah notices

the lack of royal finery.


  1. Masterful manipulation by intertwining lies with truth. Speaking volumes through tone and non-verbal cues. How does one refute what has never been spoken? It's be beauty of TV. She did have to admit that the 2008 campaign was "very negative" but that was necessary to give cover to Hillary.
    In the video the man who calls himself Obama, said the ad didn't run very many times. Norah said (I am paraphrasing) he is such a terrific manager, all knowing, all engaged, that he knew it only aired once.
    I suppose she took literary license, because "once" is a definite number, where "not very times" is vague and lacks impact.
    However, apparently neither of those folks live in western Colorado, for I have seen the ad at least 10 times. Multiply that with other cities in other states---"not very many times" ???


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