Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan

I think he is a good pick.  Ryan puts the economy back to front and center.  It has been 1200 days since the Democratic Senate  has failed the constitutional obligation to pass a budget.


  1. Roger that, Gene. My e-mail gets at least a letter a day from Ryan as he fights to push something (all good) through the slop chute. Romney can concentrate on jobs and Ryan can handle the economics issues. Good luck to both of 'em. I figure it'll take 25 to 30 years to undoo-doo what the present 'administration' has managed flush down the toilet in the past three-plus years.

  2. The most important thing is to get B.O. out of there before he does any more damage. I just hope that Ryan helps to bring that about. His superior knowledge of economics, while sorley needed, will not be an attraction for some. A realistic grasp of the wrong direction we are currently headed will be more than they can take! Nevertheless this may well be our last chance to save the Country and if they make it in Ryan will be a very valuable asset.

  3. OK, the DemocRATS are already rejoicing in anticipation that Ryan's realistic solutions to our mounting fiscal problems will provide 'grist' for their negative hyperbole, to scare older people (I'm one but not scared) and those who are oblivious to the forthcoming 'train wreck' which lies ahead. It's clear to me that the [left] can only perpetuate a false sense of well-being as we plunge further and further into the 'tank'. Any [young] person who would even consider re-electing our present Administration is either grossly misinformed or just plain suicidal! We will soon find out if America has the fortitude to pull ourselves out and up from the present morass or continue to languish in our decline!


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