Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Polls of confusion

Real Clear Politics has a good summary of polls and a rolling average of all polls.

Today the RCP average is: Obama 46.8 ---- Romney 45.7

ABC News/Wash post has: Obama 46 ---- Romney 47

Gallup has: Obama 46 ---- Romney 47

Rasmussen has: Obama 47 ---- Romney 44

There are all sorts of variables. What were the actual questions? How many Republicans vs Democrats were sampled? Is who you like the same as who you would vote for?

So, the ABC News/Wash post poll has a Democrat +9 skew. From Hot Air:
...this poll has a D+9 sample, with Republicans ridiculously undersampled at 22%. The 2008 election had a split of D+7, 39/32,29, and the 2010 midterms had a split of 35/35/30. The likelihood of getting a D+9 turnout in this election is nil, as is the likelihood of an electorate that is comprised of 22% Republicans. Even if we saw it, Obama would still only get 46% of the vote as an incumbent, hardly a gratifying position for Team Obama.
These polls are not really for information. They are part of the MSM's continuing propaganda efforts.

One poll question/answer that has been consistent for most polls is this:  Direction of Country

RCP average: Right Direction 31.4    ----   Wrong Track 62.8     ---  Spread  -31.4

Why would anyone who thinks the country is on the wrong track vote to keep the same leader and the same policies?  I think this is the real poll.

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  1. From the beginning I've said that 30% would support this fraud no matter what. I'm at a loss to understand THE 20% or so who [seem] to poll in his favor. Everybody has had a chance to see what a disaster this: marxist/socialist/communist/Chicago thug/charlatan has been and is. Are we a society gone STARK RAVING MAD?????


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