Friday, August 17, 2012

Run, Joe. Run

Obama just could not follow Palin's advice. The White House announced that Joe would stay.


  1. "Jobs-jo[BS]"! I sure hope that we get to see an un-bridled debate between this clown and Ryan.

  2. Radford business owner declines Joe Biden request-doesn't agree with Obama......

    Available on "BING":,0,4370357.story

  3. Joe is no idiot, he just doesn't care. There is no reason for him to behave in a disciplined manner because the propaganda press will do the necessary damage control. Just like in many stories there is the buffoon who allows others to "play" off him. He carries the ridicule, allowing the others to have more dignity.
    The Denver Post edited out Uncle Joe's "put y'all back in chains" remark. Readers of that paper don't even know why some people were offended. The only press is on the internet, the rest is a highly choreographed propaganda machine, telling people you can't believe your lying ears. Everyone knows 2+2=5, and eggs belong to the hens except when needed by the collective. (I watched Animal Farm) and I listened to the man who calls himself Obama as he described what Uncle Joe really said. This administration has built a fabulous propaganda machine and if we don't disrupt it and expose it, we will lose this country. It is a miracle that we are still free.

  4. I keep forgeting that the Denver Com-Post is still around. Does anyone still read it?


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