Friday, August 31, 2012

Why federal government central planning won't work

Paul Ryan talked about the "smug superiority of the central planners".  Here is a perfect example of why big governement does not and can not work.

School sidewalk plan 
runs into federal red tape
The town  (Palisade, CO) received approval earlier this year for a grant of more than $66,000 through the national Safe Routes to School program, something Town Administrator Rich Sales hoped could be used to pour sidewalks along Brentwood Drive to connect the school with the busy U.S. Highway 6 nearby.

But when Sales and his team met with Colorado Department of Transportation officials to learn how the grant would be administered, he was “unpleasantly surprised” at some of the onerous requirements attached to the project.

Specifically, that it would be at least a year before construction could begin.

And that the town would have to hire a “3/4-time staff position” to manage the grant itself.

And that a site supervisor would have to be hired for the entire length of the project.

“We would be paying a licensed structural engineer to watch them pour a sidewalk,” Sales said. “It sounds crazy, but it is actually what they told us.”
All told, the project is now estimated to cost two and a half to three times more than originally planned.
"Shovel ready" indeed

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