Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Liberal Math

 Chicago teachers have the highest average salary of any city at $76,000 a year before benefits.
The average family in the city only earns $47,000 a year. Yet the teachers rejected a 16 percent salary increase over four years at a time when most families are not getting any raises or are looking for work.


  1. and the gratuation rate is below 60%.

    High Pay, no accountability.... sounds like someone else we know from Chicago.

  2. And these are the sorts of @$$#0!e$ who are supposedly 'TEACHING'; teaching what? For those who have seen or intend to see the movie "2016 Obama's America" recall or pay attention to one of the final scenes occuring in a class of our youth being educated(?). It is enough to make a Komodo Dragon puke its guts out!!!!!!!!!

  3. O.K. I'm melding your last three posts: Liberal Math, Direction, and That "three letter word:...."
    Accuracy has never been a favorite of liberals, but it takes these 21st century Democrats to declare this kind of disregard as a virtue. According to 21st century Democrats, inaccuracy just shows how smart one is. This attitude and the resultant "car in ditch results" are protected by the demise of accountability.
    The ability to entertain, to tell a good story is more important than the lackluster double-checking of details; the testing of hypothesis, and the researching of available info on the matter.
    This arrogant disregard for accuracy has led to numerous "cars in the ditch." We have the $ for Clunkers. Solyndra, Volt, Abound, and many more. I can’t name them all, but there are so many that they have dammed up the river and capital has dried up. Internationally, we have Iran with increasing nuclear capability and the Egyptians, calling for more freedom, end up with Islamism gaining control. And back at home, Chicago’s teacher’s union refuses to work.
    None of these problems matter because Obama is such a clean, smart man, and with him, we can all imagine beautiful theories and have unlimited time before expecting results that verify even part of any of those theories. Right now, I may be up to my chest in the water with my truck wrecked, but it’s O.K. I won’t be here forever, and at least I have entertaining and clean comrades in the wreck with me.
    When we declare ourselves free from math, we are at the mercy of nature.


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