Monday, September 24, 2012

Personal Obamacare

My good doctor has thrown in the towel and retired. (doctor discontent with Obamacare known long ago)

My insurance company has notified me that my family premium is going up.

So much for affordible health care where you can keep your own doctor. 

Like the man says, "Every one of Obama's promises comes with an expiation date.  Every single one.


  1. Well, it seems as though WE (the few) are now being asked to pay up for the handouts (to the many). How long will THE FEW put up with it? Will this erupt into a class war?

    Not if WE (the few) get our votes counted in November!

  2. PS - Where is your doctor retireing? Maybe we could join your doctor there!

  3. The good doc is staying in Grand Junction. Maybe she will find a way to do a little practice away from red tape.


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