Thursday, September 20, 2012

Real poll

I keep looking at those polls that over sample Dems and still show less than 50% for Obama.  The MSM has blinders on and wants to convince you (and themselves) that the bandwagon is rolling Forward!  It's not.

Remember what happened in 2010?  Do you think Obama has gotten more popular?  Gas prices have doubled.  The U.S. owes 16 trillion dollars. Energy prices are up.  GM is down.  Obama's foreign policy in the mid-east has failed.  But S. Fluke has a law degree that will earn her $200,000 a year and she gets you to buy her birth control.

CBS Poll Reveals Big Turnout Advantage for Republicans

The poll that counts happens on election day. The Republicans have a 15 point lead in voter enthusiasm. In the end it doesn't matter that some Republicans have reservations about Romney.


  1. Thanks Gene, you just "made my day"!

  2. People are fed up. It will be evendent at the poles this November. But for the existing administation it will be "unexpected", just like the high unemployment claims are each and every week....


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