Friday, September 14, 2012

Smartest President ever

Painful: Watch the US State Dept Spokewoman Deal with Obama's Comments on Egypt
Barack Obama’s comment, that Egypt is neither an ally nor an enemy, is causing the administration’s political and professional staff no end of problems. It will cause the United States broad problems for a long time to come. It was just dumb.

Egypt has been, as the reporter notes in the video to correct the State Dept spokeswoman, a non-NATO ally of the United States for decades now. Circumstances on the ground have changed quite a bit since Hosni Mubarak was deposed, but behind all of that, the US and Egyptian militaries still communicate and still work together. We still hold Egypt accountable for its peace treaty with Israel. The US has just pledged even more aid to that country, and there is a good argument to be made on both sides of whether that aid is wise or should continue. But until there is a formal declaration of some kind noting a change in the relationship, the United States and Egypt are allies.

Until Barack Obama shot first, aimed later, and cast doubt on the entire relationship


  1. For as smart as folks (some folks) think bam is, and as smart as he thinks he is... All his intelligence could be printed on the head of a pin using a 12pt font.

  2. And besides that where does he get these people who speak for him?

    Who in their right mind...?


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