Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The long war

Obama may have decided there is no longer a war on terror.  Obama may have decided that Islam is not at war with the United States.  Unfortunately, the Islamic terrorists have come to no such conclusion.

Storming Embassies, Killing Ambassadors, and ‘Smart’ Diplomacy
The assaults came exactly on the eleventh anniversary of bin Laden’s and al-Qaeda’s attack on America. If there was any doubt about the intent of the timing, the appearance of black al-Qaedist flags among the mobs removed it. The chanting of Osama bin Laden’s name made it doubly clear who were the heroes of the Egyptian mob.
Attacking an embassy and killing an ambassador used to be an act of war - back before we had a weak apologist, America-hating president.

From Drudge:
American Ambassador 'Suffocated To Death'...
Romney Calls Obama Response: 'Disgraceful'...
Muslims Attack US Embassies...
Mobs with guns and rocket-propelled grenades...


  1. And, fairly close to the trade center thing several years ago.

  2. What next? Is BO going to apologize to terrorists for Americans who “get in the way” of the terrorists sniper bullets? Is there a backbone ANYWHERE in the current administration?


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