Friday, October 12, 2012

Angry old man yells, smirks, and laughs maniaclly for 90 minutes."

I stole and added to the headline from Hot Air

Painful. Looks like Joe tried to win it all back.  No doubt partisan Dems loved it.  The rest of America - not so much.

MICHAEL BARONE: “The instant polls: CNBC had it Ryan 56%-36%, CBS Biden 50%-31%, CNN Ryan 48%-44%.

But good grief, even Andrea Mitchell - MNBC Newssss -  notes that Biden is telling lies.

Biden blames intelligence community for changing story about Libya attack.

Biden contradicts State Department on Benghazi security.


  1. Although Biden was: rude, smirking, disrespectful ,bombastic,disingenous,dishonest, shallow and, otherwise, a complete @$$; this will have little or no adverse impact on his base. His presentation was the personification of the DemocRAT party!

  2. The best description I heard of Biden's performance was that he : "looked like a jackass eating cactus."

    I am not sure where that metaphor comes from but it fits.

    She fulfilled her marching orders to a T.

    If ever a moderator lost control of a debate it certainly was not last night. Whatever her name is she allowed Biden to interrupt at will, and cut Ryan's answers short. Accomplishing exactly what was expected of her, once the story of her intimacy with the bamster was made known.

    1. Martha Raddatz is her name.... not a memorable person?

  3. Paul Ryan helped take care of his Grandmother when she was suffering from Alzheimer's. Perhaps that is why Ryan looked slightly amused and patiently responded with logic after each crazy outburst by old Joe.


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