Monday, October 29, 2012

Benghazi Links

I think the Benghazi story illustrates the essential difference between the liberal left and consevative right.  The major news networks will not even mention this story because they know that if the American people knew the story so far, Obama and has ilk would be flushed from office in an act of urgent political hygiene.

Mark Steyn: Benhoozi?
Someone at the highest level of the United States Government made the decision to abandon American consular staff to their fate and cede US sovereign territory to an al-Qaeda assault team – and four out of five Sunday news shows don’t think it’s worth talking about.

In the smoking ruins of that consulate in Benghazi, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods fought for hours and killed 60 of the enemy before they were overwhelmed, waiting for the cavalry that never came. They’re still waiting – for Candy Crowley, David Gregory, Bob Schieffer and George Stephanopoulos to do their job.

Boston Herald: Benghazi scandal demands answers: Prez shows utter lack of integrity, leadership.
The Benghazi controversy is not one, but four separate scandals — each of which calls into question the president’s leadership....

Captain's Journal: False Military Doctrine And The Benghazi Assault.
The notion that we don’t send our forces into harm’s way without knowing what’s going on is patently absurd and false. Simply said, it’s a lie...
Sen. Ron Johnson via Althouse: The American People Have The Right To Know.
It was either misleading or is incompetent. I think we are finding out it was probably both, misleading and incompetence on the part of this administration. The American people have the right to know.

Da Tech Guy: Benghazi and the Alamo.


  1. The more I learn about this the more I am shocked by it. That is what the media is hoping to squelch.

    I know that we can not change what has happened and I feel for the families who lost loved ones. We can, however, make sure this does not continue to happen. I will be doing my part there by voting for responsible government.

  2. Tom, you mention "responsible government";right-on, we need to remove this term out of the oxymoron category!


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