Sunday, October 14, 2012


This lady may have a point. Why do all those CMU students have to cross 12th Street, it's a busy street. And do not get me started on the city's big temporary crossing at the temporary library site.


  1. Methinks, that this "call" is a set-up. I read this exact same scenario years ago as a joke. So.

    I am thinking that since the city has enough xtra money, maybe just maybe they could make some sort of a via-duct over 12th street for the college students to cross. /s

    Problem would not really be solved however because the students would still run across the street anywhere they wanted to anyway.

    Another pet gripe: When driving along the front of a grocery store, one comes to one or two places designated by STOP signs where shoppers can cross the street. This is good. Problem is so many shoppers use the first few feet of the crosswalk then waddle down the middle of the drive-way at an angle, so as to get to the correct parking isle.

  2. Yes,!! waddle


    1. to walk with short steps, swaying or rocking from side to side, as a duck.
    2. to move in any similar, slow, rocking manner; wobble: The ship waddled into port.


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