Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Debate Two

Obama wins the prize for obnoxious style points  - lacking in substance.  Dem partisans cheered for a moment, but he's still going to lose.

In a CBS News poll, 37 percent of 525 uncommitted voters who watched the debate declared Obama the winner

Despite Obama’s slight edge overall, Romney was seen as better able to handle most issues.

The trend was most notable in the CNN poll: he had an 18-point edge among registered voters on the economy (58 percent to Obama's 40 percent ); a 3-point edge on health care (49 percent to 46 percent); a 7-point edge on taxes (51 percent to 44 percent); and, largest of all, a 23-point edge on the deficit (59 percent to 36 percent).

Even the MSNBC Undecided Voter Panel was swayed by Romney.

The big loser (and I mean that, as Joe Biden would say, literally) was CNN and   Candy Crowley, who skewed hard for Obama in disastrous debate


  1. Gene,

    Thanks for this analyses. In particular I find the "PMSNBC" Panel piece, given its usual and otherwise expected bent, to be very interesting. Today's post gives me a sense of continuing optimism.

  2. Of additional interest is the Frank Luntz' Focus Group's responses. Check out this Real Clear Politics link:

  3. Spose we could get butter and jelly on that?


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