Monday, October 22, 2012

Election fatigue

I'm worn out and I'll bet you are too.

Here are a few interesting links in lieu of writing anything new.

First, Aid the Living
On September 11, at about 10 p.m. Libyan time (4 p.m. in Washington), Ambassador Chris Stevens and a small staff were inside our consulate in Benghazi when terrorists attacked. The consulate staff immediately contacted Washington and our embassy in Tripoli. The White House, the Pentagon, the State Department, and numerous military headquarters monitored the entire battle in real time via the phone calls from Benghazi and video from a drone overhead.

Our diplomats fought for seven hours without any aid from outside the country. Four Americans died while the Obama national-security team and our military passively watched and listened. The administration is being criticized for ignoring security needs before the attack and for falsely attributing the assault to a mob. But the most severe failure has gone unnoticed: namely, a failure to aid the living.  (Read the whole thing)

Newsweek: The Truth Behind the Benghazi Attack
In Washington that morning of Sept. 11, 2012, the air had been crisp and clear and so much like the crisp, clear morning of 11 years before that President Obama mentioned the similarities at a 9/11 memorial service outside the Pentagon. But much else had changed, he said. “Al Qaeda’s leadership has been devastated and Osama bin Laden will never threaten us again,” he told the small audience of employees, their dark glasses glistening in the bright sun. “No single event can ever destroy who we are,” Obama concluded. “No act of terrorism can ever change what we stand for.”

But over the course of the next 24 hours, as the black banner of jihad flew over the United States Embassy in Cairo, and as the American Consulate and the nearby outpost of the CIA in Benghazi came under ferocious attack, all the assumptions on which the administration had founded its counterterrorism policies were called into question. And in the weeks since, the events of that day have come under enormous scrutiny in the close-fought race for the presidency.

The Wall Street Journal:  The Unreality Of The Past Four Years: The Benghazi fiasco is a brutally illuminating portrait of the Obama White House in crisis mode.
For much of the past four years, the Obama administration’s propensity for asserting views of reality wildly at odds with those evident to most rational citizens has looked increasingly like a page from that film script.

All administrations conceal, falsify and tell lies—this is understood—but there’s no missing the distinctive quality of the prevaricating issuing from the White House in these four years
Has the decisive shift toward Mitt Romney already happened?

Obama get the coveted ditaors endorsement from Chavez, Castro, and Putin.  With friends like those...


  1. First, Aid the Living---

    Hopefully we will hear this story tonight at the debate.

    Much of the media is saying that the bam will have the advantage tonight because the subjects are supposed to be pertaining to "foreign policy" . . . Such high expectations from a man that has had no real foreign policy during his term.


  2. Newsweek: The Truth Behind the Benghazi Attack

    "Al Qaeda’s leadership has been devastated and Osama bin Laden will never threaten us again,”

    We could say the same thing about "Al Capone". Surely someone has taken his place.

  3. I have to wonder if the phone call came in at 2 AM? Wasn’t that a Hillary ad when she was in the running. Well, the call came in, Obama was in charge, Hillary was in charge.... and nothing happened. 4 People died. And it was called - "not Optimum".

  4. Watching the debate, I saw that Obama is very invested in his international policy. I got the impression he would not mind losing the presidency as long as all the intricate work he has done diplomatically, internationally is not dismantled. He spoke of it intimately--a beautiful construction to be admired by all "smart" enough to appreciate it.
    Of course something so grand requires a high payment.... the sophisticated recognize that(my sarcasm is showing).

    1. Obam and his ilk are working very hard to destroy any and all hope at economic freedom anywhere in the world. His puppeteers have had a "successful run" with his presidency and will forever attempt to bolster the destruction he (and they) have wrought during the last four years. He, his puppeteers, and minions are a pox on the hope of a free and open world economy.

      There is hope that freedom lovers around the world can once again place their sights of the future and work towards a goal of a prospering world economy. Freedom lovers need to be on the alert--eyes wide open-- in order to spot the trolls of socialism, marxism, communism, that are wreaking havoc and destruction throughout the world.


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