Saturday, October 13, 2012

It could get interesting

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  1. Gene,

    I made this comment on another site, earlier today,but I think that it is germane to this post, as well.

    "We can now expect Obama to pin this whole thing on Hillary Clinton ,"

    This is meant as an interrogative.

    Notwithstanding the fact that B.O. has gained sustenance by riding Bubba's coatails, dosen't Hillary, per se, have a lot of loyal minions? I think she does, so how will they react if, indeed, she gets "thrown under the bus"? On-the-other-hand how will B.O. fare if he dosen't use her as a "scape goat"? If he chooses to circumvent Hillary and, somehow, goes after Ambassador Rice wouldn't that make him look even weaker than he is (if that's possible)? I seriously doubt that he is man enough to admit that, one way or another, [he] bears the ultimate responsibility for the Benghazi(sp?)incident. How will B.O. 'worm' his way out of this?????


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