Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Obama may have "won" the debate on points,

 but he lost the election.

Americans do not like the Obama Doctrine of apology and appeasement. And they don't want a President who is snarky, condescending, peevish, and small.

By the way, the Marines rode horses in Afghanistan and used bayonets to kill the enemy.

Update: Sorry Mr President, but troops DO need horses and bayonets: How U.S. forces are STILL using 'old-fashioned' fighting techniques mocked by Obama
The President's mocking comment was not quite as effective as it might have seemed - because both bayonets and horses have remained important parts of the U.S. military right up to the present day.

Romney showed himself to be calm and capable, not the warmonger portrayed by the Dem campaign.

I would have enjoyed seeing more of a take down of Obama's Libya debacle or Obama's Mexico/Fast&Furious failure, but in the end that's the job of the press and Congress.


  1. Trips:

    ( the bamster says:_)
    "I went to Yad Beshef (ph), the Holocaust museum there, to remind myself the nature of evil and why our bond with Israel will be unbreakable.”

    One need not go to Israel to see a Holocaust museum. There is an excellent Holocaust museum right here at home in Wahsington D.C. I wonder if the bamster has ever visited it.

    I spent and entire morning in that museum a few years ago and did not even get half way through it. That was one of the most thought provoking, gut wrenching places I have ever been. I do not think anyone could view that museum without having a deep feeling of sadness, regret and wonder at how other humans could be so hate full as to do the things to people that were done during that dark part of European history.

  2. It may be the job of the press to take down Obama's Libya debacle and his Fast & Furious failure, however the press is AWOL on these topics. Congress is toothless on these too because too many are like cattle being lead by the rings in their noses (well call them Democattle). The wont break ranks because if they do, the will not be $upported by their shady money machine.

    We need to vote them out and get responsible people who HAVE built business and KNOW how to run a country.

    1. Absolutely. We need to reform Congress. If we take away all the "perks" and set iron clad term limits, then maybe those who wish to be princes and kings will go elsewhere to fulfill their goals.
      Certainly reprehensible men and women will continue to deceive our citizens, but if they can't become millionaires in Congress why bother? Hopefully the day will come when it will be considered "stupid" to run for public office.
      Maybe we will be left with the young idealists and the retired, but wise, who want to give back to this great country. Could be a good combination.

  3. Here is a brief video link, from CBS, of a focus group in Stubenville Ohio. I grew up in that State. Stubenville is in the middle of the "rust belt" and, as I recall heavily DemocRAT.



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