Friday, October 5, 2012


The Dems problem is not one of style.  Was the president too calm?  Was he not aggressive enough?

The Dems problem is one of substance.  Where are the jobs.  Where is the GDP growth?

The president promised to "focus like a laser" on jobs.  Apparently he had one of those $2.00 laser pointers.

The president promised to "cut the deficit in half".  He added more than $5 trillion to the deficit.

The president promised "smart diplomacy".  The mid-east is on fire - more dangerous than ever.
Terrorism has returned. For the first time in more than 30 years an American diplomat has been killed.  The cover-up is unravelling even in the MSM.

In fact, every one of the presidents promises came with an expiration date.

What's he got to talk about? 


  1. "What's he got to talk about?"

    Four more years of the same CRAP!

    1. Unemployment drops. It's coming around. I'd rather have four more years of this than going back to the policies that sent us into this hole.

      By the way, guys, the president can't spend one more nickel than Congress appropriates. And last I looked, Republicans controlled the house. So every time anybody complains about Obama's spending, remember that it was Congress who signed the checks.

      You could look it up. Try the Constitution.

  2. Even if the jobs report is true, two tenths of a per cent is pitiful after 4 years.

    You are are right about Congress - the Dems controlled both houses for the last two years of Bush and the first two years of Obama. They created the policies nobody wants to go back to - that put us in this hole - and Dem policies that have kept us in the hole. It is the Dem Senate that has refused it's constitutional duty for three years to pass a budget.

    By the way - this president routinely ignores the law - the WARN notices are just the latest example.


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