Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Choice is Clear

From Legal Insurrection  photo in Glenview, IL (Cook County).


  1. The choice is clear for informed citizens, however when I see headlines like, "I voting for Obama because he bought me a phone", I get real worried about the system riders that also get to vote....

  2. Apparently, bankruptcy is the 'In-Thing' these days!

  3. Tom,

    The fact is, the phone program you're referring to was started by President Reagan and expanded to cell phones by President Bush, the younger. You could look it up.

  4. Anon,

    You miss the point: the fact remains that a voter is choosing to place a vote for PRESIDENT on the basis of a PHONE is appalling!

    This election will set the course of our country and COULD turn us away from its current disastrous direction we are headed. Just this past year we went ANOTHER $1.27 TRILLION dollars in debt! $16.6 + Trillion below water RIGHT NOW

    Accountability ?? – NONE!

    We are being degraded from within by our current leader. We MUST make a change.

    Sacrifice this hard fought country for a PHONE?!?!

  5. Google is your friend.


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