Friday, October 19, 2012

The Un-serious president

America's embassy is attacked on 9/11. An ambassador and three other Americans are killed in an act of war.

Does Obama appear on a national address to the nation? Does he address a joint session of Congress?

N0 - he appears on Comedy Central. And he still does not explain the weeks long lie about a video tape.

If the election were not days away he would be/should be impeached.

If four Americans get killed, it's not OPTIMAL': Obama's extraordinary response to Comedy Central question about shifting story after Benghazi attack
The left is already saying that the 'not optimal' quote has been taken out of context; they were saying that Stewart used the word 'optimal' first
'The problem: it's far worse in context. Stewart said that the White House response was 'not the optimal response.' Obama responded not by tackling the White House response, but by calling the murders 'not optimal.'


  1. "he appears on Comedy Central"

    There's NOTHING funny about THIS clown!

  2. Clowns belong in the circus not in the White House!

  3. Leading from behind is all a person can do when they don't know what they are doing.


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