Friday, October 26, 2012

Who did deny the help?

Father of Slain SEAL: Who Made the Decision Not to Save My Son?

The question then is who did deny the request for help?  Was it Clinton, Panetta, or Obama?

UPDATE: Denver 9NEWS questions President Obama on Libya attack

Kyle Clark asks some questions that the big guys will not. Video at the link.


  1. When the administration should have been initiating a response, instead they were fabricating lies.

  2. Well, there used to be a couple of 'ding dongs' that would comment in direct oppisition to the reality and common sense as always presented on this Blog. I never hear from them anymore. Did they get smart or did they expire from some disease?

  3. What has happened to this country? Have we all turned into hit and run cowards---running away is the smart thing to do? Running away gives one time to decide how is the best way to handle it? A human death is just collateral damage?
    I have heard people explain this away as the "fog" or war. When I see a fire, I may need time to figure out where the fire started, but I know immediately that I need to act now! When I see someone bleeding, I might need time to learn what caused it, but I know immediately that I need to act now.
    Our Seals knew that and they acted and they thought their country would do the same. But when they turned to their country, their country turned a deaf ear.


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