Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Can this be true?

We have spent billions of dollars on poverty. More people than ever are on food stamps. There is a constant never-ending drive to re-supply the free food centers.

Grand Junction only has about 45,000 people. The whole county may reach 100,000.  Check this story: Carving for a cause
More than a ton of turkey will be sliced and diced at Colorado Mesa University this week. Sodexo, the school's food service provider, Colorado Mesa University, and the Salvation Army are partnering up to feed more than 3,000 people who otherwise wouldn't have a Thanksgiving day meal.

This is in addition to all the food baskets that are given out by various charities and churches.

Can there really be so many people who otherwise wouldn't have a Thanksgiving day meal. If so, then all those government programs to end poverty and take care of people have been a spectacular failure.

Or, are there just a lot of people who like taking free stuff.  Of getting theirs while the getting is good.

We give lunch and breakfast at school. We send home backpacks full of food for the weekend.

Next up: Obesity, a real problem in Mesa County
According to a news release dated Oct. 15, 2012, MCHD (Health Dept.) director Jeff  Kuhr, Ph.D., said, “Through our community health needs assessment process, obesity was identified as a public health issue in Mesa County”. Approximately 23 percent of Mesa County adults, ages 18 and over, are obese. Additionally, about 23.7% of Mesa County's children, ages 2 to 14 are overweight.


  1. Enter cold hearted one:

    Maybe there are all those who just want a FREE thanksgiving....One in which many of them will not thank anyone.

    There are however many who are actually down on their luck for one legitimate reason or another who will actually appreciate a meal and someone to enjoy it with.

  2. "We have spent billions of dollars on poverty. More people than ever are on food stamps."

    If you ask me, the more tax dollars spent on various entitlement programs, the more is expected. We have now passed the threshold, portended, by Thomas Jefferson that when >50% can vote themselves largess created by <50% they will and they have. I don't look forward to this society improving. The last election pretty much bears that out. B.O. is nothing more than a harbinger of things to come. I, for one, am glad to have lived through the best times in history.

  3. So, we vote Republican and are above average in obesity. Surprised face.

  4. This just proves that "you can't have your cake and eat it too"... poor metaphor????

  5. Hey Gene look at all those lucky duck getting a free meal. Guess Its guys like me the that will be working 16 hrs out on a rig on Thurs. making that happen!

    1. Thanks Neil,

      I an not getting a free Thanksgiving meal. Wife will be cooking again this year.

      Wishing you a Happy one. Even if you are out on the rig.


  6. What a deal! Go gettcha as many free meals as you can and sell 'em craigslist!

    You and Nancy Ann have a great Thanksgiving! (Going to partake at the local Salvation Army? I always do... or the county jail.)


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