Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The incompetent left

The left is really good at rousing the rabble and winning (seizing) political power, but not much else.

They did it in the old USSR and created a command and control economy.  That's where the government (composed of elite intellectuals) tell ordinary people what to do and how to do it.
(Obama Admin Rolling Out 68 New Regulations/Notices Per Day.)

But it is very difficult to tell people what to do if all initiative has been eliminated.  Nothing will do in a bad administrator quicker than a cadre of employee who follow orders exactly and nothing else.

Stories from the old USSR include tales of a glass factory told to produce a specific number of sheets of glass.  The factory met its quota, but the sheets were so thin they were not usable. Quotas changed to weights rather than numbers resulted in glass sheets too big to pick up - to thick to see through.  Shoe factories produced thousands of men's boots right on schedule.  The fact that all were size 9 and fit only left feet was a minor quibble.  The quota was met.

Ivan's wife Natasha sent him to stand in line at the store.  She heard that a new food shipment had arrived. After hours of waiting Ivan reached the inside only to find that there was no meat and no bread.  He complained loudly to the clerk and was immediately pulled aside by a KGB operative.  The party man made it clear to Ivan that such complaining was tantamount to treason and would not be tolerated.  He showed Ivan his pistol, but told him that he was letting him off with a warning this time, but that there would be serious consequences next time.

Ivan returned home and told Natasha it was even worse that they thought. "No meat, no bread, the KGB has even run out of bullets."

Again, my point (and I do have one) - The left is really good at rousing the rabble and winning (seizing) political power, but not much else.

Example 1:  The States of New York, and New Jersey

“Well, the affected areas in the Eastern Seaboard are now well past the two day photo op stage. In fact, they’re 28 days past the President’s helicopter trip overhead, and the area is beginning to look like well, 28 Days Later.”

Long Islanders: Now two weeks of power woes.

'We are living like animals'.
Borough of Queens pushed to the brink.
More dead found nearly 2 weeks after storm.

Years of graft, filling jobs with no-shows, union pay-offs and catering to any fringe environmentalist group that comes along has left the leftist government in New York and Long Island can't really do anything.  They have chased off non-union volunteers. They have not cut trees for years to please the greenies. They no doubt have a diverse workforce, but what they need is a skilled and competent workforce.

Meanwhile NBC news does a story (full of snark) about doomsday preppers.  I'll bet there are few families on Long Island who wish they would have prepped with a couple of cases of canned soup. NBC seems to think that the DP are all wackos.

Example 2: The State of California and the City of Detroit

Example 3: The Petraeus Affair

What we know so far is something like this.  Petraeus cheats on his wife with Paula Broadwell.  Broadwell suspects Petraeus is cheating on her with Jill Kelly (cheaters do cheat).  Bradwell sends "cat-fight" emails to Kelly telling her to back off.  The emails may also contain classified information.  Kelly tells an FBI buddy (who she may be having an affair with).  In any case, the FBI agent sent shirtless photos of himself to the married Ms Kelly.  Everybody also rats on everyone else by sending secret reports to Congress.

Meanwhile it appears that there may be gunrunning involved, arms deals with the Turks and Syrians.  That's something the White House and Holder have a little Fast&Furious experience with.  Also the CIA may have been running a secret prison in Libya.

It's like a clown car at the circus.  They just keep coming out.

The left is really good at rousing the rabble and winning (seizing) political power, but not much else. They cannot hold it. They cannot continue a program of freebies.  They cannot maintain the machinery of civilization.  All they can do is demonstrate expertise in Cloward-Pivens, Rules for Radicals, and the Marxist dialectic.  They failed in the USSR with a population grown under Czars.  They will not succeed in a country grown under the Constitution.


  1. This nation (United States of America), was founded by religious men and women. They were opposed very much to a state run or approved religious operation. The first amendment to the constitution makes that more than clear. They were NOT however afraid of mentioning Jesus, God or the Holy Spirit in public, on public grounds, in public meetings or government meetings.

    I believe this stance taken by the early inhabitants of the USA is one reason this country has flourished. Hard work being another.

    Now we find that the opposite is true. The government is making it more and more difficult to express any religious confirmation in public on publicly held lands and in government meetings.

    As long as the people in this country allow our government to constrain our belief in God, as long a the believers allow our government to fetter our joy and our celebrations both public and private, I have a hard time imaging God further blessing this dear land. As long as believers allow government to dictate what beliefs we can express and which we cannot express and support we are no longer being true to what we say are our beliefs are and cannot expect to receive the blessing of God.

    Be it known that I do not speak for God whatsoever, but I do believe strongly in His power and wisdom. I have seen his power in my own life and the the lives of others.

  2. From: http://www.commentarymagazine.com/2012/11/11/democrats-better-start-soul-searching/

    This article talks of the incompetence inherent is a cult of personality.

    "The president’s reelection is not evidence of a new liberal America, but rather of the illogical and confused experience that is infatuation."

    "Why isn’t soul searching underway on the left? When the personality at the center of the cult leaves the stage in four years, Democrats will own his results without the benefit of his appeal."


    1. "Why isn’t soul searching underway on the left?

      Methinks the left would argue that there is no such thing as "soul" so there can be no search.

  3. Why soul search when you won?

    It's the Republicans who have the demographic problem. You keep running men who come up with such gems as ``legitimate rape'' and you'll keep losing elections.

  4. I will agree that America in general has a problem finding good leaders. There are probably reasons for that.
    Demographics is not a conservative problem but it is a strength for Democrats. Demographics is their bread and butter.
    Conservative values (they are conservative values today, they used to just be American values) cut across racial and ethnic lines, assimilating people of varied backgrounds into a unified society.
    An election is a snapshot but politics are a continuum. I don't know what the future holds for America as a whole, but I know what it holds for me. I am not discouraged.
    Wise people "soul search" even when things are good. Benefits often bring responsibilities that only reveal themselves after the fact.


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