Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gun Control

Using both hands...

An open letter to Bob Costas and Jason Whitlock
Gentlemen: I see that you have chosen to use the horrific crime of the murder of Kasandra Perkins to express your belief that guns are the problem, not the men who wield them. I am utterly certain that you believe that you have the moral high ground on this matter. I am equally certain that such a belief is appallingly wrong, not to mention terribly misogynistic. Why do I say this? Because had your desires on gun control been in place, I would not be alive to be writing this now.

I have an Ex. I have an Ex who, in the process of becoming my Ex, made credible threats to kill me. Why did I believe these threats were credible? Because among the primary reasons why I left him were that he had anger control issues, that he was a problem drinker well on his way to full blown alcoholism and that the things he was throwing at me were getting ever closer to my head. I decided to leave before finally snapped and actually hit me. He was displeased by this and made such displeasure known.

Do you know what kept me safe? Not some piece of paper. Not a judge tut tutting at him and shaking his/her finger and telling him to leave me alone. Not the police, who, after all, would only be able to respond once he had caused me harm.

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  1. link to the remainder of the story is not active....

  2. Gun? O.J. didn't need no stinkin gun!

  3. Costas is an idiot. The vast majority of wanna-be jocks, i.e. sportswriters and talkers, are such. Ignore him.

  4. Costas is a pampas donkey- preaching to the football fans. Not exactly the right message for that viewership. However he did that to get points for himself and ratings for NBC. I see Zimmerman has filed suit against NBC, saying they destroyed his reputation for their ratings. I think this Costas fiasco fits with that as well. We know that both NBC's ratings and reputation are on the slide. Wonder what they will try next?

  5. "...NBC's ratings and reputation are on the slide. Wonder what they will try next?"

    Well, hammering on guns IS NOT the best way to get your numbers up. Oh... Wait a minute... We're talking about the lame stream media and the Communists that they pander to. Never mind.


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