Thursday, December 6, 2012


Both the State of Colorado and the State of Washington have legalized the ganja weed.

It might as well be legal in California,  anybody with a wild twitch can get a Rx for MJ.

Smoking marijuana is now more socially acceptable than smoking tobacco.

Strange days.


  1. Wwill they let you smoke it
    In a restaurant or bar?
    Will they let you smoke it in your car?
    Will they let you smoke it
    Anywhere you are?

    Will they let you smoke it at a party?
    Will they let you smoke it and be tardy?

  2. No wonder Hostess was able to sell their TWINKEY and HOHO lines of product to another bakery franchise.

  3. Someone has to pick up the munchies franchise opportunity. Lays may not be able to.

  4. You can smoke it here,
    You can smoke it there
    You can smoke it nearly anywhere.

    Smoke smoke smoke that MJ Cigarette
    Smoke it till you smoke yourself to death.

  5. I think that we all know that smoking this stuff impairs the user in various ways. I don't know the extent of the ramifications of this but one thing is certain, driving will become an issue. From this it will open up a whole new industry, not unlike the present, lucrative, DUI Industry. Consider the possibilities: testing, counciling, attorney fees, fines court costs, ad infinitum. There is also evidence that the smoke is no less dangerous than that of evil tobacco and perhaps is worse. The Health Nazis will have a field day. Further, I won't be a bit surprised to find that wide spread use of it will result in decreased productivity; its zombie like effects seem to have negative effects on motivation. All of this from a Legislature that disallows smoking tobacco in a neighborhood bar! It may take awhile but watch for it!

  6. I think JB has some good points.


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