Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ben Gazi?

Some guy in Libya?

Benghazi Questioning Set.

NYT: Some Algeria Attackers Were There.

Congress Ready to Confront.

And: Critical Benghazi Question: What Caliber Ammo?
This question attempts to drive to the root of the motivation behind putting out a seemingly implausible explanation in the face of so much evidence to the contrary. But frankly, this question falls short of getting to the crux of the issue. The answer here is, “Yes, of course they tried to cover up their actions surrounding Benghazi.”
The single question that needs to be asked is: “Were the rounds taken out of the wounded ARSO’s 7.62 mm or 5.56 mm?” And when the answer comes back “5.56 mm”, it opens the door to the proof that the cover up was meant to hide the fact that the Obama administration had been caught once again arming offshore groups that did not have the interests of our country at heart. It would open the door to proof that Benghazi was “Fast and Furious on Steroids.”
The MSM is strangely uninterested in all this. Except for-

Boom: CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson tears into Obama Admin over Benghazigate

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