Sunday, January 27, 2013

Freedom Prep

 My wife is taking an NRA class soon. Yesterday, we stopped at a national chain sporting goods store for a few boxes of cartridges. 

Three observations: 
The shelves are nearly bare.  Choices are limited.  Prices are higher.

A clerk told me the Colorado Instant Background check system is showing a statewide wait time of 7 to 8 days. In sane times the "instant" meant 1 to 2 hours. The system is overloaded because a lot of people are buying guns.

We entered the store early - about 20 minutes after it opened. Only one checkout station was staffed. Four men and one woman were in front of me. All of them were buying ammunition.
David Mamet: Hands Off My Gun (this is a great essay by a former liberal who has seen the light)
The police do not exist to protect the individual. They exist to cordon off the crime scene and attempt to apprehend the criminal. We individuals are guaranteed by the Constitution the right to self-defense. This right is not the Government’s to “award” us. They have never been granted it.
The individual is not only best qualified to provide his own personal defense, he is the only one qualified to do so: and his right to do so is guaranteed by the Constitution.
Survey: Two-Thirds of American Gun Owners Would Defy a Federal Gun Ban


  1. Good Stuff today. In an effort to further enlighten some folks, I passed on the piece by David Mamet. Along with your lead comments I'm pleased to say that two of my female cyber friends, who I once thought leaned perhaps a little left, have now joined the 'fray' and one is even working on her conceal/carry permit.

  2. Think about it. If we assume a collapse of the current financial system, what barter currency do we use?

    Gold coins... okay.

    Provided those who currently hold gold do so in small-enough physical denominations to work with.

    Cans of SPAM? Absolutely.

    Ammunition? ABSOLUTELY.

  3. "The police do not exist to protect the individual." This is not just anecdotal truth, it is judicial truth.
    DC's highest court determined in 1981 in Warren vs DC, that police and the governments who employee them “owe no duty to victims of criminal acts.”
    We citizens are legally responsible for the personal safety of ourselves and our loved ones. How reprehensible that government should hold us responsible but deny us the means.... a little like making bricks without straw.


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