Thursday, January 3, 2013

From Russia

I've been reading and enjoying Ian Fleming's From Russia with Love.

I read all the Bond books when I was much younger.  I recently came across the kindle version and decided to read it again.

Here's the description from Amazon:
James Bond is marked for death by the Soviet counterintelligence agency SMERSH in Ian Fleming’s masterful spy thriller, and the novel that President John F. Kennedy named one of his favorite books of all time.

SMERSH stands for “Death to Spies” and there’s no secret agent they’d like to disgrace and destroy more than 007, James Bond. But ensnaring the British Secret Service’s most lethal operative will require a lure so tempting even he can’t resist. Enter Tatiana Romanova, a ravishing Russian spy whose “defection” springs a trap designed with clockwork precision. Her mission: seduce Bond, then flee to the West on the Orient Express.
Fleming wrote about the cold war and he understood the totalitarian state. He does a masterful job of showing lives in fear, even at the highest level.

Here is Tatiana, a young naïve girl,  receiving instructions:
...You will be taught certain foreign customs. You will be equipped with beautiful clothes. You will be instructed in all the arts of allurement.

...You will meet this man.  You will seduce him.  In this matter you will have no silly compunctions.  Your body belongs to the State.   Since your birth the State has nourished it.  Now your body must work for the State.  Is that understood?
Yikes. But that is the end result of statism, of the left, and of socialism. There is no property. You own nothing, not even your body.

Can't you hear the Secretary of Health now? Your body belongs to the Federal Government.  Since your birth the Federal Government has cared for your health and welfare. Now you must care for that body as the state has decided. 

In addition to that peek into the communist mindset there is a nostalgic sense of  the past  Western freedom in the book. Bond boards the plane with his trusty Beretta eight shot .25 pistol in his shoulder holster. After take-off he lights a cigarette and takes a book out of his attaché case. The case hides fifty rounds of additional ammunition, two throwing knives, fifty gold coins, and in the shaving cream can (larger than 4 ounces) Bond has a silencer for his Beretta. No metal detectors, no x-ray, and no groping TSA hands.  Probably a lot safer than today.


  1. Having grown up during the Cold War and then, as an adult, having seen it end -- we were DECIDEDLY safer then, than we are now.

    Russia (aka Communism) was a global power and our main enemy. She kept China and the other 'wannabe's' in line and out of our face. Russia's goal was world domination and she kept her threatening finger on that little red nuclear button.

    But Russia wasn't going to push that button and destroy all the infrastructure and people she wanted to dominate. She was going to let us destroy ourselves from within. She told us that. It didn't matter if it took ten years or eighty years; the Soviet Union had all the time in the world. She did push things along by infiltrating our school systems and our government with the help of the more than willing Democrats.

    But, as socialism/communism has a way of doing, the money ran out and so did the aspirations of Mother Russia. However, world Communism is far from being dead and now we also have some new kids on the block to contend with. The new kids' intentions are the same as Old Mother Russia -- world domination. The ways are different, though.

    Islam is not satisfied with a fifty- or sixty-year timetable for world domination. Islam wants it TODAY and the more human lives lost to Allah (the Islamic as the martyr and the Infidel as the beheaded,) so be it.

    With Socialism/Communism running spasmodically through the streets and a mosque going up on every corner like Exxon stations... yeah, I felt a lot safer then than I do today.

  2. I don't feel safe, at all, in a Country wherein >51% of the population voted to re-elect the biggest fraud in history as its President!

    1. There you go again, JB! Showing me up!

      Someone asks me what time it is, and I tell 'em how to build a clock.
      Someone asks you what time it is, and you tell 'em the time. (When will I EVER learn?)


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