Saturday, January 26, 2013


From ACE: We Must Do Something About The Media. It’s important.
And I've mentioned this before, but I'm truly alarmed about it: What we are witnessing is the full and seamless fusion of media power with government power.
The media used to hide it a bit, in their actions; they would temper their scorn of conservatism, throw them a bone now and again just to prove they were capable of such a thing.

No longer. The media no longer hides it in their actions. They are fully fused with the Obama Administration and DNC. The only way in which they do hide it is by simply lying when confronted about it: They'll issue a snide denial, then go about doing precisely what it is they were accused of doing.
This is dangerous and unhealthy. (read more)

Professor Reynolds adds:
So go full Alinsky. Buy stock and show up at shareholder meetings. Protest at executives’ homes, like ACORN did for bankers. Hound correspondents and anchors by name for unfair coverage. That’s how you do it

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  1. Gene,

    This is a major infirmity facing us today. My steadfast question is: How do we combat the INDOCTRINATION that these folks have endured under the yoke of K-12 and beyond? How did, at least, some of the folks on FOX avoid being infected? I once read a piece wherein journalism students were asked why they chose that profession. If memory serves me correctly, some 87% responded to the effect: 'to make a difference'. I guess that means avoidance of reality and obfuscation of the truth are desired outcomes of their "difference"!


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